Sunday, July 24, 2016

What we've added this week


With the heat index over 100 in the past week, we haven't hit any trails. But we did hit the store. Here's what we added to our gear/supplies this week:

- A couple more dried meals: three bean chili, and Cuban coconut rice with black beans. I'm really looking forward to these.
- Water reservoir cleaner tablets. Boring.
- Mini salt/pepper shaker. Not that our meals are boring.
- Windproof, waterproof lighter. We got it home to discover it is NOT prefueled, so we had to go back for a can of butane. 

- Toe socks for Dennis. He gets blisters on his little toes, and got a pair of these socks in a surprise-of-the-month-club box from Cairn, and really liked them, so he added another pair.
- Lightweight hiking pants for both of us. Because I can't brush up against plants without being sure I'm going to get a poison ivy rash. 

We're getting ready to order our lightweight sleeping bags/pads and tent, and do a for-real overnight. Oh, it's getting exciting now. 

Things I'm still unsure about:
- how to best find firewood in the forest in the right size and dryness to make a decent fire. 
- the etiquette of pooping in the woods. There are so many opinions about this, and literally books written. It's not as simple as you'd think. I'll keep reading. (Living in a house of boys, I'm super comfortable talking about poop.)

Oh. One more thing. We were finally able to make it to an REI "garage sale." This is one of the benefits they hype when selling your $20 membership, but we always seem to be busy or out of town when they happen. Not this weekend. There was one that started at 8am yesterday, and Dennis and I got there around 9:30am, so I don't know what treasures we missed by not being early birds. I was surprised to find the sale held in the driveway behind the store, and it was fun to look through all of the previously returned items being sold at a discount (scattered out on the pavement!), but so many had notes about broken zippers or air leaks or stains that wouldn't come out... we didn't buy anything. At this stage, I'm most comfortable with a few more guarantees.

Onward and outward.

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  1. Don't worry so much about firewood. I cannot remember the last time I was on Federal land that allowed back-country fires. I have traveled with a candle lantern (check campmoor) just for the flickering light at night. For emergencies, when you need a fire for warmth or rescue, create a fire bundle to carry with you. Dryer lint and petroleum jelly in an old pill bottle works well. There are many fire bundle hacks online that you can experiment with.